Studio Front Lobby

Studio Front Lobby


Do you have digital files available?

We do, they can be purchased a la carte or are included in some of the print packages we offer.


When should we arrive to the studio/location

We like to have everyone come 10-15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.  This way we can get you set up, fill out any paper work that’s still needed or do last minute prepping and not use your shoot time.


When do we pay for the sitting fee and our order?

Sitting fees are due at the time of the booking to hold your date/time.  This c an be done with a Visa or MasterCard or by mailing a check.  When placing your finished print order ½ the balance is due to start the printing process. The balance is due upon order pick-up.


What is the cancellation policy?

We like to have as much notice as possible – especially during our seasonal busy shooting months.  Two weeks is ideal in trying to refill a cancellation in our limited shooting schedule. We know unforeseen things happen and would be happy to reschedule your appointment time but would be unable to refund session fees with less than 2 weeks notice.


Do you need special effects and retouching?

We do. We pick images from your collection and create beautiful color effects/special effects and make a few images B&W.  In no way are you locked into ordering an image that way – it can be reversed to its original color format if you prefer.  All your images will be lightly retouched for viewing and will have more extensive work done upon ordering if needed.