Welcome to Johnston Photography


Dorothy and Don Johnston are the photographers and owners of Johnston Photography in Downtown Oxford Michigan.  They both graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Commercial Photography from the prestigious Center for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Together they have over 40 years experience in photography, yet they keep up with the changing lighting style and photography trends.  Each excelling in their own shooting style and creative look they never lose site of-what’s most important-creating an image that stirs emotion and engages the viewer.



I’m a wife and proud Mom of two boys.  I have a love for cycling, road racing Corvettes and anything Dairy Queen. I’m a visual/creative person in all that I do and have a passion for photography and an eye for detail.  It’s been said I’m easy going, kind, patient, and have a natural way of bringing out a real smile and true honest expression. Some would say it’s my quick wit or great catalog of funny quips that bring out one’s priceless expression, but I think it’s my enjoyment of working with people/families.  You can’t help but relax and enjoy your moment in front of the camera.


The greatest reward in what I do is seeing people laugh an enjoy their time at the studio, leaving with a smile and a memory they’ll share with family and friends… that’s what I aim for and focus on.  Follow me on Instagram @dorothyrobertsjohnston



 He’s a Commercial Photographer, and Video producer based out of the Northern Detroit Metro area. He create’s work for advertising agencies, corporate clients as well as personal clientele. He has a strong Studio Background and is a master of lighting in studio and on location.

Don has been shooting commercial work for over 30 years. 

Don graduated with a BFA from the prestigious Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. He was an apprentice at one of the largest automotive studios in the country. He worked many hours in the studio with lighting and quickly became a full-time photographer. Working in the Studio and Traveling all around the Country shooting for the top car brands, shooting in the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas for Kawasaki Jet skis, shooting in the mountains of California for Kawasaki and Buell Motorcycles and shooting in the mountains of Montana shooting for Polaris snowmobiles and even in the mountains and cities of Spain for Alfa Romeo. Don later bought out the studio he came up in and became an owner operating and shooting out of one of the largest car studios in the country with studios in Detroit and Los Angeles.

Shooting on location is the most exhilarating experience for me. It is demanding and unforgiving. I have one opportunity to get the shot and tell a client's story.

When that happens, I know they’re happy. Happy clients are loyal and returning clients.